Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha

Nery Garcia & Giana Montoya

U.S.ANery GarciaU.S.A
& Giana MontoyaU.S.A

Nery Garcia and Giana Montoya (Fort Myers, FL, USA) are the directors of Elegant Rumba Dance Company. They are two of the most sought after instructors, performers, and choreographers who have headlined Salsa events around the world and performed for some of the biggest names in Latin music including Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, and Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz. Between the two, they have been featured on MTV’s MADE, Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance, NIKE’s Rockstar campaign, and Choreography Showcases around the country. They are known as Salsa’s most diverse couple, drawing and fusing their extensive background in Theatre, Jazz, Afro-Carribean dance, and Yoga/AcroYoga into their shows.

Nery and Giana combine classic and always exciting LA-style salsa with an unapologetic flair for romance and artistry. The result is a truly unique experience that is every bit as flamboyant as it is intimate.

For their first event in Morocco, we will enjoy this incredible and talented couple, for our biggest pleasure.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Super Mario

United KingdomSuper MarioUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom

For many years now, Super Mario has been a household name on the international Salsa scene, recognized and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing lead, unlimited database of fantastic moves/combinations and his teaching ability. His classes and workshops have always been extremely popular both in the UK and in countries as far as Australia, Japan and the USA, specializing on technique but always maintaining an element of fun.

Mario has earned himself the title Million Moves Man through his ability to create any number of unique combinations, that are lead with expertise and are always comfortable to follow. His dancing style is smooth but fast, giving him and his dance partner extra freedom to improvise. His amazing presence on the dance floor sets him apart as a social dancer and his outgoing, energetic personality has also been instrumental in getting him known in the Salsa World, and since then Super Mario has taught in more than 70 countries.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : African Jet

MoroccoAfrican JetItalyItaly

African Jet is "a Sprinkling of Africa" in a world of rhythms, sounds and Latin-American moves. Tarek and his brother Hicham discovered this amazing world and got addicted instantly, pushing them to study and work very hard to develop their talent for dancing. After many great experiences with famous performers, Tarek and Hicham created the dance group African Jet, and gained notoriety very fast. In the last few years, their shows have been requested and performed at major events all over the world (Los Angeles, Mumbai, Moscow, Marrakech, Melbourne, Bangalore, Quebec, Paris, Milan, Ireland, etc…), and they also performed on many TV shows. Their style is fast, striking and exciting. Their imaginative choreography, careful attention to details and original costumes are one of the many assets that put African Jet on the highlight of the international scene. Based in Italy, they have opened a school and have 7 centers in 5 different cities. Their great pedagogy and energy during workshops explain their success worldwide, and having those amazing artists at Bembé is a wonderful chance for all of us.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Vito & Stefania 

ItalyVito & StefaniaItalyItaly

Winners in many international competitions, european champions in 2009, and semi-finalists at the world championship 2009&2010. Vito Ranieri and Stefania Errede represent together the Italian class on the salsa world. Class, elegance, perfect technique, expression of body, speed, beauty…this the element who distinguish this couple. They have taught performed and competed in more than 20 different countries and have rocked the entire world with their crazy pachanga that made them famous worldwide.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha :  Carlos & Genesis 

ColombiaCarlos & GenesisColombiaGermany

Carlos Suarez and Genesis Mendoza form, together, a couple that proposes the best mix between professionalism and great mood. With more than 10 years of professional experience in the music world as dancers, singers, choreographers, musicians…They are complete artists.

Experts in many styles such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango, and many other Latin social dances, they participated in many festivals and congress around the world, and they will pleased to share their great experience with us during our event.

Salsa L.A / N.Y Chacha : Ilham & Fabien 

MoroccoIlham & FabienMoroccoMorocco

Ilham & Fabien are the owners and founders of MOMA Dance School, specialized in Salsa, Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.

After taking a professional formation in New York given by Santo Rico himself, they participate to many international festivals and congresses as instructors and performers.

Strong with their long experience, and their particular style mixing technic and elegance; they share their passion thanks to their great teaching skills.