Kizomba : Sarah Lopez & Réda

SpainSarah Lopez & RédaFranceSpain / France

Sarah is one of the most famous dancers in the Kizomba world. She represented Spain during the world championship Africadançar 2010 where she reached with her partner the 2nd position. Following this competition, she started giving workshops and performances all over Europe, increasing her popularity and seeing her talent recognized. Her videos were quickly disseminated through social networks. She forms with Reda a couple that gained fame by their rigorous work and their amazing performances. Reda, with a urban latin dance and latin dance formation, brought a new concept by mixing thos two types : The Urban Latin Move. Sarah and Reda give workshops and shows in many festival around the world, and will share their passion and experience for our great pleasure.

Sophie Fox

United Kingdom Sophie Fox United Kingdom Italy

Sophie was born and raised in England and began dancing hip hop at the age of 11 but quickly explored other genres and by the age of 13 she had discovered a love for Latin dance and began dancing ballroom

Her talent was evident to the Latin scene in England and by the age of 16 she became involved with a Salsa school in her home city, 'Steel City Salsa' and soon she was established as one of the school’s teachers. At this time Sophie also began to study contemporary & the theory of dance in her college.

As Kizomba began to gain prominence in the UK, in 2008 Sophie discovered her real passion and attended her first Kizomba festival in Lisbon.

Since then, Sophie's unique British style has come to the attention of many in the Kizomba scene – Partnering with Tony Pirata has opened many doors and the dance and culture of Kizomba has become part of Sophie's life and as a dancer Sophie strives to explore every aspect of the dance.

Liliana & Jamba

Spain Liliana & Jamba AngolaCzech Republic

Jamba alias "Babalu Jr." comes from Angola, where he had been since his childhood involved in acting and many projects related to culture. He moved to Prague - Czech Republic and began working as a choreographer with the group called Ango-B. He became a member of the BA-TO- CU group and later he established a dance group Puro Sabor with Ruben Peguera and Danays Drake.

Liliana Barnó Blažek was Ruben Peguera’s assistant before becoming Salsa instructor in “Salsa-Dance” and “Rueben-Dance” schools.

Jamba and Liliana integrated the latin-American dance group “Tradicion grupo de Baile”, and performed in many TV shows like X Factor, Czech Miss Czech-Slovak Voice etc…

Their main domains above all are Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro and Afro. In 2010 they founded the first dance school in Czech Republic dedicated to teaching those dances. They cooperate with many dance schools abroad and travel every weekend to perform and share their experience worldwide.

Kizomba : Jeydikson & Sonny

United KingdomJeydikson & SonnyUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom

2015 UK Champions and 3rd place at the World Championship Africadançar 2015, Jeydikson Lima and Sonny Varela represent the next generation of dancers that brings a fresh and new vision of the dance. Motivated by sharing their passion, with strong emotions and connections, they enjoy each moment by teaching, performing, and educating. Already famous in UK, their popularity grows really fast and is spreading in all around Europe, and they will be for their first time in Morocco for this BEMBE edition.

Kizomba : Chris’Py & Booxy

FranceChris’Py & BooxyFranceFrance

Chris’Py & Booxy, a new wave for Kizomba !

Chris’Py is the World Champion at the Africadançar 2014 Competition and he’s known as a reference in the Kizomba world for his dance, sensual and technical, which is a mix of traditions and new style...

Booxy is an amazing and experienced DanceHall dancer and she will enjoy sharing his positive energy to Kizomba...

Both professors and choreographers with their dance school - either in Nice for him and in Toulouse for her – Chris’Py and Booxy wish to pass on their complicity, energy and feelings in dance and music.

They invite you to discover their sphere during the workshops and on the dancefloor.

Jordan Joy

France Jordan-Joy France

Jordan-Joy began dancing at a young age, traditional Caribbean dances came very natural to him from birth and as an adolescent he was drawn towards more popular rhythms such as hip hop and this remained his main focus before being introduced to Kizomba almost 4 years ago. Since then he has been able to interpret his dance background to create his own style of Kizomba.  As a former active member of the ‘SKdron' group hosted by Dj Zayx in Paris, Jordan has become comfortable in every aspect of Kizomba and being in the heart of paris he has been open to and seen many changes within the dance. Although his style is unique he has been able to remain fairly traditional with his kizomba and has expanded his dance through to Semba, Tarraxinha and not forgetting Afro-house. 

He has partnered with Isabelle & Ritchie Ross, and remains well known for his head movement whilst dancing and of his positive energy.

Kizomba : An’So & Nima :

FranceAn’So & NimaFranceFrance

Originally cuban salsa dancers, An’So and Nima followed a Kizomba formation at the “Cubango Connexion Toulouse”. With a strong connection between them, they are in dance what we can call twin soul in regular life. For their first participation at the world championship Africadançar in 2014 in Milan, they finished at the 4th place (improvisation) and 5th place (choreography).

Seen by many as a high potential in the international scene, they propose high quality workshops and will give their original touch to our festival.

Kizomba : Youss & Saly

FranceYouss & SalyFranceFrance

Originally formed in Jazz and Classic dance, Saly got graduated from Conservatoire, the EAT, and has got also the Artist Interpreter Choreographer degree. She made her style evolve through time thanks to her polyvalence and her experience in art.

Originally salsa casino dancer, Youss takes his inspiration from the many latin and african dances that created his own style with time. After hard work in Kizomba and Semba, he forms with Saly a complementary couple, and together they give quality workshops in Toulouse - France. Very popular for their teaching abilities, passion, and good mood, they are the perfect instructors for initiating people in Kizomba and Semba.