Marrakesh 2018

April 27th - May 02nd, 2018

Festival Cuban Salsa, Kizomba, Salsa L.A style, NY style, Cha Cha, Bachata and Argentine Tango

BEMBE, it’s 5 days of non-stop fun, learning and sharing experience, packed up in an idyllic setting on one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Marrakech.

Its exceptional ambiance and unique multicultural atmosphere make BEMBE’s reputation across the globe, and will surely reach a new step on this next edition.

BEMBE 2018 will take place in MARRAKECH, in the luxury 5 stars hotel FELLAH, and follows the same amazing dynamism of the previous edition, bringing together artistic quality, unique ambiance, and sharing of great vibes!

For this 2018 edition, around 50 world famous artists showing their great talent during more than 60 hours of workshops, 5 party-nights, 3 dancefloors, many pool parties, theme parties, and an amazing show.

No time to waste, take your pass now and come to spend an amazing time with us!

Online payment available now ! Buy your pass and your package here ! !

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BEMBE 2018 OFFICIAL TEASER - Afro-Latin Festival de Marrakech

BEMBE Promo party - Afro-Latin Festival de Marrakech

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