Extra BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival


Marrakesh region being a part of world best’s surfing spots, it would be a pity not to seize such an opportunity.

As we want you to have an amazing time with us, we propose you all level of surfing lessons with our partner surfing school.

The surfing spot is at few minutes walk from the congress center, and the equipment is on site at your disposal.

 BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival : Surfing Marrakesh


During this intense program, some of us will have few hours of sleep, and will need to recharge batteries for the rest of the day. Every morning at the edge of the swimming pool, or the at the beach, awakening yoga sessions will be given by our yogi partner Lamia Nejjar. This privileged moment will allow the participants to take all the positive energies and to prepare their body for the numerous physical activities which will follow during the day.

 BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival : Yoga sessions Marrakesh


We shall have the pleasure to propose you also belly dance workshops given by the dancer, choreographer and instructor Marina Navarro. Formed in oriental dance with Egyptian great masters and graduated in Latin dances and contemporary dance, Marina proposes a rich choreographic work due to her diverse influences. She associates to the technique and the sensual style of the oriental dance, an anchoring in the ground and a bigger grip of space. The proposed movement is free, inhaled and follows a physical logic.

Belly dance BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival


The objective of BEMBE is to show to the world that the Afro, Latin and Arabic cultures have common origins, and can converge on a new movement which would merge them, under the same rhythmic.

Numerous artists believe in this movement and answered the call, whether it is artists internationally recognized or still increasing talent artists, and we will have the pleasure to contemplate their works in the Amadil hotel’s main hall.

BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival: Painting exhibition


Live the event as if you were in Cuba! About twenty of classic cars will be exposed on the congress center’s parking lot, for the pleasure of eyes.

BEMBE Afro-Latin Festival : Classic cars exhibition