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FCLAN is a Cuban latin band.  Representing the new generation of Cuban music, they perform with choreography and animation, reaching everyone - regardless of gender, age and language. Formed by Fredy Garcia Batista in 2009, it has a purpose to bring Cuban culture and streets spirit a bit closer to European Latin scene by mixing modern Cuban music style with the traditional ones.

This fusion of those highly talented musicians and dancers is a living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. With the professional arrangement of musicians and dancers, FCLAN offers to the audience the perfect symbiosis of acoustic, optical and interactive experience. Modern sounds rhythms, fresh sincere lyrics, trendy movements, smart likeable personalities – with the entertainment to follow just by enjoying it.

FCLAN has performed in more than 20 countries in the last two years, and their signature song “Yo vengo de Cuba” has been recognized worldwide (more than 3 million views online) and been recently renewed in a collaboration with Havana De Primera.

Next to Alexander Abreu and Havana De Primera, FCLAN has collaborated with Manolito y su Trabuco and La Charanga Habanera.

FCLAN will perform for the first time in Morocco, during our festival, for the pleasure of everyone.



Distributed on the main city beach walk, many free live concerts will be settled for all the passers-by.

The entire city will vibrate in the Afro-Latino sounds, our 10 artists coming from Latin America, Morocco ad Sub-Saharan Africa; will give an overview of the various musical currents and their compatibility.

The musical themes will be varied: African, Latino, and Arabic-Latino fusion.

Les concerts à Marrakesh

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